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How do I book?
Submit a form on the main page! Turn around time is 5-12 days. 

What is your minimum price for a tattoo?
$300 is Kat’s minimum rate. 

What is the age requirement to get a tattoo?
+18 ONLY.

Do you do cover ups/ rework?
Kat does not do any cover ups or rework. Scars we can work with, as long as they are minimum 2 years old.

Where are you located?
Located in Artillery Tattoo Studio, Elizabeth NJ. 

How much do your floral pieces cost?
All floral pieces that are 10in minimum in size, start at $1500 and up.

How do I prepare for my upcoming appointment?
We recommend moisturizing the area prior to the appointment (especially if you are getting your hands tattooed). Also, make sure to hydrate and eat well upon arrival! Wear comfortable clothing for long sessions.

How do deposits work?
We take a $200 nonrefundable deposit.
The deposit goes towards the total amount of the tattoo. Please note that if you need to reschedule, please do ahead of time. All deposits are nonrefundable. If you no show, a new deposit is required to book a new date.

How do touchups work?
Since we offer hand and finger tattoos we like to clarify that they are guaranteed to fade as all tattoos do heal nearly 30-40% lighter . Finger tattoos  shouldn't fade to the point where its completely gone (if you are moisturizing and taking care of them right)  but we like to let everyone knows this before we do the service. All finger and hand touch ups are not free. Other tattoos have 1 free touch up.


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